ACPC Grants

Arts Council of Placer County (ACPC) promotes and advocates for all arts across Placer County to enrich and help develop the artistic culture of this region of Northern California.

As the designated Arts Partner for Placer County and the California Arts Council, one designated scope of work is to administer these funds each fiscal year, as needed, and specified in our contracts with both the agencies listed above. Since 2018, over $500,000 has been awarded through the ACPC Community Grants Program, thanks largely in part to funding from Placer County and the California Arts Council, in addition to private donations.


The process of applying and receiving these funds has been approved for 2022/23, with new categories, eligibility and a weighted points system that will be utilized to establish a priority funding system of disbursement. Projects are funded according to the timelines below.  Events and projects typically need to take place during the times listed.  However, for those projects or events that require pre-funding, you can apply for a Period in advance.

Funds will be disbursed in four periods during 2022/23 to successful applicants meeting the criteria of each category, and subsequently approved for funding.  Dates for submission are as follows:

Period 1


Application Deadline: CLOSED

Period 2


Application Deadline: CLOSED


Period 3


Application Deadline: CLOSED

Period 4


Application Deadline: June 30, 2023

*The initial amount allotted for these grants is $85,000 and can grow depending on fundraising and contributions.

To apply for any of the grants above, please submit the application below.  You may receive a request for more information when the application is received. Click here for details about how the applications are scored.


If you have any questions, please contact ACPC Managing Director, Barbara Burge.

If you are an artist, arts non-profit, or for-profit business please apply for funds! Utilize these support funds, and your applications will demonstrate the NEED for ARTS SUPPORT.

Grant Categories

The following grant categories have been chosen for 2022/23

Arts Education in the Schools / Teacher Grants

  • Available for artists or educators for programs promoting arts education, such as seminars, classes, special projects, teaching tools, etc.  Grants will range from $250-$1,500.  Schools are not eligible to apply but may apply through a group such as a Parent-Teacher Association. Teacher grants, including arts and music teachers, are designed specifically to allow them to purchase supplies for ongoing or specific arts projects for students.

Performers / Artists / 
Studio Tours

  • Available for Artists, Studio Tours and Performers for special projects, Artist Studio Tours, art in public places, placemaking, maker projects, etc. that are determined to be beneficial to local communities.Grants will range from $250-$1,500

Arts Organizations

Applicants must be non-profit or apply with a fiscal sponsor for community arts projects, performances, studio tours, events, festivals, etc.  Grants will range from $500-$5,000.

Public Art / Special Arts Projects

Available for enduring works of art that will be publicly displayed in local communities.  Grants will range from $1,000-$5,000.


Available for local film projects.

Grants will range from $500-$2,500.


New CARES grant funds for underserved and arts serving communities of color. Learn More