About ACPC

Arts Council of Placer County

Mission & Vision

The Arts Council of Placer County promotes and advocates for all arts across Placer County to enrich and help develop the artistic culture of our region of Northern California and beyond.

Since 1983, the Arts Council of Placer County has been building community throughout Placer County through arts and culture. We believe that art should be a part of everyday living and that, when it is, everyone in the community benefits.

The Arts Council of Placer County (formerly PlacerArts), serves the communities of Placer County by awarding arts and culture grants, promoting and advocating for all arts across Placer County and nearby regions, and being a conduit of information, resources, and providing hands-on assistance for arts success.

ACPC is committed to using the arts to drive racial equity and social justice. The ACPC uses policies and purposeful marketing programs that bring people together from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

We are committed to the just and equitable disbursement of resources and support. We will fully integrate race equity into every aspect of our operations, and promote art as a tool to break down barriers.




ACPC Values


Art is part of everyday living


Inclusion and connecting with underserved


Economic impact role of arts and culture

Core Programs & Services

As the designated State-Local partner of Placer County and the California Arts Council, the Arts Council of Placer County (ACPC) administers the “Community Arts Grants.” These grants support and supplement a broad array of arts and cultural programs throughout Placer County, allowing more people to connect and benefit from more art. Priority for grant awards is placed on programs that serve historically underserved populations, and those who will most greatly benefit from art experiences.

ACPC provides artists and art lovers with many different resources for staying connected. Our Art Events Calendar provides a comprehensive list of upcoming events and our Arts Directory includes listings of Placer County Artists, Venues, and Organizations in all mediums. We actively promote the arts and the ACPC through our outreach program which includes onsite participation with an interactive booth at concerts, festivals, and events that provide direct contact and engagement with the public.

We support arts in our county by helping all creative events and programs be successful. The ACPC provides hands on assistance, promote arts programs, connect audiences and participants. Additionally, we provide information, tools, and resources to assist in all things artistic, including partnering with arts organizations within the county and beyond. We work to leverage grant funding, and promote arts and culture to residents and visitors.


"The arts and humanities teach us who we are and what we can be. They lie in the very core of the culture of which we're a part" - Ronald Reagan