2017 PlacerArts Studios Tour (P.A.S.T) Artist Eligibility Requirements

  1. Application open to all and artists living or working in Placer County, and all art mediums.
  2. Current membership in PlacerArts is required ($35.00). To renew or join go to www.PlacerArts.org.
  3. Artists may only submit and show their own work. Artists must agree not to exhibit, sell or host non-participating artists in the space over which they have interest or control.
  4. It is recommended that participating artists exhibit a minimum of 15 pieces of original art, created within the last three years
  5. All studios/artists are responsible for their own insurance.
  6. All studios/artists must hold or be applying for a California Sellers Permit through the CA Board of Equalization to sell artwork on the tour.
  7. Artists must be willing to volunteer a minimum of five hours on a PAST committee or subcommittee if selected to participate. If the artist prefers to not volunteer their time the entry fee is $200 plus $50 late fee after March 31.
  8. Artists must meet ONE of the following location eligibility requirement:
      a) Have a home or business working studio in Placer County that is suitable for public access and display. (PlacerArts reserves the right to decline or change sites for any studio that it deems inaccessible or unsafe to the public. **)
        b) Have a

    year-round working studio

      within a gallery
  9. Group sites require full participation of all artists

* Interested artists residing in the county who do not have studios suitable for public access or display may also apply. They will be considered for participation and will be assisted in locating a studio to share on the tour.
**In cases of extremely remote or inaccessible locations, an artist may ask to be hosted at another artist’s studio.

It is the responsibility of artists who sell their work to hold a valid sellers permit and to pay sales tax on all sales from their studio. The artist name and valid California resale permit number must be on your application.  If application is pending please note ‘PENDING’ in place of ‘Permit No.’, and provide permit number when received. If you need information, you may call the Board of Equalization at 1-800-400-7115 or visit their website: www.boe.ca.gov/info/reg.htm

LATE application deadline is April 15, 2017. Apply for the Tour Here