ARTspace for Teaching and Learning is a PlacerArts program designed to bring students together with working artists in a creative environment.
ARTspace provides ongoing classes for children and adults, Artists Model Sessions, Specialty Workshops by guest artists, Field Trip opportunities and Creative Parties for any occasion. Be sure to check out our complete list of ongoing classes available in our Rocklin ARTspace at Johnson Spring View Park and Auburn ARTspace's new location at 910 Lincoln Way in Auburn.

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PlacerArts ARTspace Auburn is relocation December 1, 2016 to a wonderful new location, 910 Lincoln Way, Auburn! This means more classes on more days for our Auburn students! To be the first to know about newly added classes, Join the ARTspace email list by contacting:

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Join us for the Drawing and Painting Classes for Adults, Children and Teens all year long.

Are your kids ready for the Holidays?

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Saturday Gift Making for the Holidays!

2 hour workshops specifically designed for creating personal artistic gifts. Ages 6 thru Teen $30/2hr workshop, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, all materials & snack provided    
  • Dec 3 - Oliver & the Snowball. Make a unique ornament out of Sculpey clay. This Saturday we'll sculpt Oliver under the snowball.  oops, there he is!  We may also have time to sculpt a candy cane or two!!
  • Dec 10 - Angels. Create a 3D angel out of found objects, fabrics & yarns. Beautiful or wacky, this angel is yours. Put it on top of your tree or a table when you get your angel home!
  • Dec 17 - Silvery arctic scene on canvas. We'll paint a magical arctic landscape on canvas with silvers and blues in waters full of icebergs and skies lit by the silvery moon! Gorgeous! What a gift this will be!

Winter Break Fun!

3 Hour Workshops in Rocklin! Great to do with friends! We keep a very small group so each child gets lots of individual attention. 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM, Ages 6 to Teen, All material & snack for a break included in this 3 hour workshop  $45/child/3hr    
  • Dec 23- Fantastic Frames Fridays - One day 'til Christmas -Don't fret- Make a frame! Paint and decorate from a choice of heart, square or rectangle frames. Paint with gold acrylic, silver or any color of the rainbow and decorate with beads, jewels and other small trinkets. We'll draw a special picture to go inside!
  • Dec 26 - Make a Painting Monday! Paint an arctic scene - Icebergs, polar bears & penguins with acrylic on canvas!
  • Dec 27- Ice Skaters in the Snow- multimedia! Paint an ice skating arena or frozen lake outdoors with acrylics. Create ice skaters with model magic and fabrics. Put them together for a multi-media art relief!
  • Dec 28- Wings on Wednesday! What wings are used for swimming? Penguins of course! Sculpt mini penguins out of Sculpey clay which we'll warm in the oven. more project of penguin fun-- draw penguins with oil pastels on colored paper.
  • Dec 29- Pop Art Thursday - Print making Andy Warhol style! Coke bottles, old school candies and snacks. Draw an image. Print it 4 times. Manipulate each one to have it's own unique style. These are tre cool!! Impress your parents!
  • Dec 30- Foxes for Friday - Two foxy projects, that is! Sculpt a fox with Sculpey clay & warm in the oven. Draw red foxes in the snow with oil pastels on colored papers.
  • Jan 2 - Mad Hatter Monday- Paint a Mad Hatter's Tea Party with acrylics on canvas. Invite Anyone or Anything to your table! You're the mad Hostess with the Mostess! but don't drink the Tea.
  • Jan 3 & Jan 5 - Two Day Paper Mache creations. Polar Bear & Penguin Piggy Banks! Save your money this year in your bear or bird we create out of recycled objects and paper mache! Create Tuesday. Decorate Thursday. Take home & save the rest of the year...or more! **Note- this is 2 days of 3 hour workshops for a total or 6hrs. $90/2day workshop
  • Jan 4 - Wings on Wednesday! This Wed is for the Snowy Owls! Draw with pastels then cut and create into a multi-media 3D relief art! This will be a framer for sure!
  • Jan 6- Let's make it Fantasy for our Last day of winter break! How about a genie in a bottle that can give us 3 wishes?! We'll draw our genie, an amazing bottle where he or she lives plus we'll show him or her, our 3 wishes. Water color over the oil pastel drawing and Boom! Way to end the week!

Check out our schedule often for new classes and workshops for you!

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ARTspace Office: 916-672-6950

Linda Green, ARTspace Coordinator: 530-613-6284, or

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Casually Creative with Friends Art and Beverage time!
  • Create art with friends for 2 hours in a stress free, fun environment
  • Instructor will provide all art materials and you provide beverages and such.
  • Host a party and you get to meet with our resident artist to choose what subject your group would like to paint ahead of time or let us surprise you!
  • $35 per guest
Contact by email:     Give us a call: 916-672-6950 or 530-613-6284
Creative Time, Creative Space
  • FUN, Creative 2 hr Art party with 1.5 hr art time & .5 hr cake/snack/gift time
  • Pick a theme or have us choose one for you. Draw or paint and Sculpey clay projects to take home.
  • Birthday child will also take home a book created by all the kids so they can remember this special party!
  • We provide: ArtSpace, all art supplies & art instruction
  • You provide: The Kids, cake, snacks, a parent or two
  • $250 (12 child max, $25/ea additional child)
Field Trips!
or a Unique Get together with Friends
  • Come up with a theme, idea, project or help us choose one especially for you.
  • Learn to draw and/or paint cats, dogs, cars, portraits, waterfalls, landscapes, still life, food, superheroes, abstract art-- the sky is the limit.
  • We provide: ArtSpace, all art supplies & art instruction
  • Choose the amount of time you want to create: 1 hr($25/child), 1.5 hr($30/child) or 2 hr($35/child)

Are you an Artist and Interested in providing Workshops?
Would you like additional information on classes being offered through ARTspace? For information or to Register for Workshop/Class, contact: Linda Green,, 530-613-6284