Placer Artists League 2015 Juried Show Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our 2015 Open Juried Show!

Lucinda Johnson The Autumn Vineyard Best of Show Watercolor
Barry Lowery  Ramzeez  People’s Choice 3-D Sculpture
Eliot Keller Table 3 1st 3-D Sculpture
Pam Berry Hard & Soft 2nd 3-D Sculpture
Joseph Hernandez Happy to Meet You! 3rd 3-D Sculpture
Barry Lowery Ramzeez Honorable Mention 3-D Sculpture
Pam Avery Pink Figure In The City 1st Acrylic
Sandra Main Adopt Me Call 530-863-8304 2nd Acrylic
Ron Hall Treme 3rd Acrylic
Foxey McCleary Waiting Honorable Mention Acrylic
Ann Ranlett Sleeping Patterns (diptych) 1st Mixed Media
Helen Marino Untitled #3 2nd Mixed Media
Traci Owens Blue Moon 3rd Mixed Media
Ann Henderickson-Pantos Ginger in Paradise 1st Oil
Marilyn Rose Pears and Hydrangeas 2nd Oil
Matthew Joseph Peak Ophelia’s Allure 3rd Oil
Clay Platner The Fisherman Honorable Mention Oil
Paul Harman Journey into a Storm 1st Pastel
Max Redpath-Kennedy Jessica in a Turban 2nd Pastel
David Attwood Rock Group 3rd Pastel
Joyce Williams Sand and Sea Honorable Mention Pastel
Ingrid Lundquist Future Unknown 1st Photography
Barry Walton Young Runner at Sunset – Maui 2nd Photography
Barry Walton Green Sea Turtle – Maui 3rd Photography
Howard Koons Tattoo of Bravery Honorable Mention Photography
Barbara Kempe Wild Tropics 1st Watercolor
Louise Alhadeff Behind the Awhanee 2nd Watercolor
Judy A. Dawson Still Life Abstract 3rd Watercolor
Dick Cerruti Mushrooms & Duff Honorable Mention Watercolor


Best of Show

Lucinda Johnson “Autumn Vineyard”, Watercolor
Lucinda Johnson “Autumn Vineyard”, Watercolor


People’s Choice

Barry Lowery "Ramzeez"
Barry Lowery “Ramzeez”